Water, Energy, and Nanotechnology

Material Methods is looking for entrepreneurial technologists to join us in applying science to separations and energy challenges. We are currently developing innovative technology to harvest water from air – creating a device that surpasses existing solutions in size, weight, and energy efficiency. We are looking for problem solvers rooted in physical science, experiment, analysis, discussion, and intuition.

Water and energy are strategic currencies of the 21st century. Dwindling resources and expanding populations require greater efficiencies of use and reuse. Efficiency can be gained by decreasing the scale of processing. Working on a molecular scale, in bio-mimetic fashion, nano-machines reduce the entropy of substrates by using structure and size to effectively channel input energy. Nanotechnology, active transport, and Brownian motors will meaningfully impact these markets. You will help author the technology roadmap that steps us responsibly toward that vision.

We value knowing the literature and innovation. We value teamwork and independence. We value scientific knowledge and product development skills. Join our staff of intelligent, creative, innovative people who take meaningful products from inception to market. At Material Methods, employees share in the value they create.

The Past Prepares the Future

In 1998 Material Methods began developing carbon nanotubes for separations. Our company and research have grown continuously since. Today our markets span electrical energy load leveling to water harvesting. Our products include porous carbon electrodes for super capacitors, and water desalting devices based on electro sorption.

In 2003 government funding accounted for 80% of our revenues. By 2006 we expect 80% of our revenue to come from commercial sales of R&D and products. Nano-structured materials in superlative devices drive our success. We are currently poised for exponential growth, backed by government and commercial partners in water and energy. People will make it happen.

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