Material Methods’ PACMM™-100 electrodes were evaluated for electrochemical capacitor performance using 38% Sulfuric Acid electrolyte in sealed test cells. Measurements show DC capacitance values of 112 F/g. Leakage current behavior is characteristic of devices exhibiting stable long-timed performance. The calculated RC time constant value was less than 0.1 seconds. A phase angle of -45 degrees was reached at 2.3 Hz (a large value for a carbon electrode with a thickness of only .010”). Figure Of Merit (FOM) values for the material were 22.6 W/g and 9.2 W/cc based only on electrode volume and mass. If one includes the electrolyte, separator, and packaging mass and volume, the values would be reduced to 5-7 W/g, and 4-7 W/cc respectively for large capacitors (this is a high value for present commercial electrochemical capacitors). Test results demonstrate that the material has average or above average energy density, and exceptional power density.

  Leakage Current (A)
Capacitor Material R() Charging Capacitance(F) 0.5V 0.75V 1.0V Equil. at 1V Specific C (F/g)
PACMM-100 0.068 1.13 7.6 21.1 98.9 9.1 112

Independent testing of PACMM™-100 supercapacitor electrodes was done by JME, Inc.

Water Purification

Material Methods electrodes developed for the Flow Through Capacitor enabled the technology to purify molarities up to 0.65. The yellow square shows where the technology started:

Max Molarity

Molarity 95% purified

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