Material Methods manufactures and markets separation and energy devices and components built on nano-structured materials.

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Current Products

Flow Through Capacitor (FTC)

Chemical-Free TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reduction. A water purifier that requires no maintenance, does not scale, and requires no salt or chemicals. Operates as a true appliance – plug it in and forget it.

PPC Canister

Parallel Passage Contactor (PPC) canisters providing a low energy input, small footprint, packed-bed replacement.

Porous Carbon Electrodes

Strong and flexible electrodes, suitable for coin and jelly roll type electric double layer capacitors and other electrochemical applications.

Particle Adsorbent Composite (PACMM™)

Particle Adsorbent Composite (PAC) sheet materials for electrodes and gas or liquid purification.

R & D Services

Material Methods provides consulting and research and development services in materials science and nano-structured materials.

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