The Flow Through Capacitor

The flow through capacitor (FTC) is an efficient means of chemical-free Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reduction using electrically charged plates to remove ions. Its primary application thus far has been household water purification. The FTC delivers high purification, high recovery and long life. It resists scaling, and requires no routine maintenance or chemicals. It also is capable of removing “problem” ions such as arsenic, perchlorate, metals, nitrate, and sulfate, which have been proven to be harmful. It purifies up to 98% of hardness and salt from tap and brackish feed waters.

The FTC consists mainly of two carbon electrodes and a DC power source. Water flows through the narrow gap of the FTC, and anions as well as cations are removed via adsorption on the electrodes under the influence of an applied electric field. By simply controlling the applied voltage, the ions can be released thereby regenerating the cell. Chemical-free operation, low operating and maintenance costs, long lifetime, high recovery, low pressure-drop and the ability to remove harmful impurities distinguish the FTC.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The FTC is a highly efficient means of purifying water. It can truly be considered an appliance as the unit runs with little or no regular maintenance, requires no chemicals, and does not scale. Lifetime testing has shown the FTC to be a robust and reliable means of TDS reduction, with the ability to remove “problem” contaminants; contaminants that are in water supplies, and have been proven to be harmful. Potential applications include POE purification such as whole house softening, POU purification such as under counter/sink water, industrial level TDS reduction of water, and any other application that can benefit from efficient chemical-free TDS reduction.

Technical Information

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Flow Through Capacitor Technical Information

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