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Material Methods provides contract R&D services at the interface between materials and devices. Nanostructured materials from carbon nanotubes to molecular sieves are developed and characterized in our laboratory. These nanostructured materials are converted into composite sheets and monoliths. We are equipped with SEM, TEM, AFM, optical microscopy, XRD, nitrogen adsorption, TGA, mechanical testing, bench chemistry, electrochemical analysis, and chemical vapor deposition facilities.

Materials development is driven by device optimization. We focus on devices that utilize heterogenous interactions between solids and fluids. For example we have developed high surface area carbon electrodes optimized to interact electrochemically with liquids. These electrodes are integrated into water desalting devices in our lab. We test device performance, and optimize both the materials and the device. Application of materials in the device is critical for device success.

Manufactured products are our final goal. Our research and development proceeds with manufacturing process and controls in mind. Program success is ultimately demonstrated with pilot manufacturing processes. Material Methods provides services from research and development to pilot scale manufacturing processes for commercial devices. We provide experimental and analytical skills in mechanical engineering, chemistry, surface science, materials science, market analysis, cost analysis, and manufacturing science.

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